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Couple mechanics Torque is referred to using different vocabulary depending on geographical location and field of study.

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This My moment refers to the definition used in US physics in its usage of the word torque. The definition of torque states that one or both of the angular velocity or the moment of inertia of an object are changing. Moment is the general term used for the tendency of one or more applied forces to rotate an object about an axis, but not necessarily to change the angular momentum of the object the concept which is called torque in physics.

By contrast, a lateral force on a beam produces a moment called a bending momentbut since the angular momentum of the beam is not changing, this bending moment is not called a torque.

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Similarly with any force couple on an object that has no change to its angular momentum, such moment is also not called a torque. This article follows the US physics terminology by calling all moments by the term torque, whether or not they cause the angular momentum of an object to change. History[ edit ] The concept of torque, also called moment or coupleoriginated with the studies of Archimedes on levers.

The term torque was apparently introduced into English scientific literature by James Thomsonthe brother of Lord Kelvinin A force applied at a right angle to a lever multiplied by its distance from the lever's fulcrum the length of the lever arm is its torque.

A force of three newtons applied two metres from the fulcrum, for example, exerts the same torque as a force of one newton applied six metres from the fulcrum. The direction of the torque can be determined by using the right hand grip rule:In December of , I embarked on my ninth USO Tour to entertain our troops, my eighth to the Middle East since the 9/11 attacks.

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