Convergent evolution 3 essay

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Convergent evolution 3 essay

A Critical Comparison Of the several confusions that persist in the field of evolutionary biology, one is that about convergent and divergent evolution. What exactly is the difference between the two? BiologyWise Staff Last Updated: Jul 14, I do not believe any concept in science has ever given rise to as many controversies and controversial debates as evolution has.

But even with so many controversies, "Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution" Theodosius Dobzhansky. When we think of evolution, the first name to strike even someone who is not from a biological sciences background would be Charles Darwin.

Not a word can be written on evolution without mentioning the name of this pioneering evolutionary biologist. His work On the Origin of Species has been the topic of much Convergent evolution 3 essay ever since it was first published. The other term - Convergent Evolution - is often regarded as the opposite of Divergence.

However, convergent evolution was only a play of words that evolutionary biologists came up with to explain one of their many observations; it has got nothing to do with divergence as such.

Here is a brief account of convergent evolution vs. However, for the ease of understanding, I will first explain divergent evolution and then move onto convergent evolution. Divergent Evolution Imagine evolution of life to be a process like the flowing of a river. As it leaves the mountain, it will take its due course and meander about.

If a boulder were to obstruct its flow into a crevice, it would take a turn around the crevice. If however a big enough boulder were to stand in between its path, the river would split into two and give rise to two new smaller rivers, each of which would meet its separate fates as it flowed down the mountain.

This is exactly what divergent evolution is all about. Natural selection is more of an outcome of natural pressure that organisms find themselves subjected to typically pressure of competition, pressure of meet the mating preferences of the opposite sex, etc.

Convergent evolution 3 essay

It is the result rather than the process. Essentially the two new species created will diverge from each other as they further evolve.

This is an important statement as will be evident when we take a look at convergent evolution vs. Three main triggers of divergent evolution have been identified - To Overcome Competition - Two individuals belonging to the same species pose greater competition for each other than 2 individuals belonging to different species for the reason that individuals of the same species would all have the same requirements of food, resources, mates etc.

If the competition gets too tough, divergence is the result. They are scattered all over. So those in Florida may adapt to a tropical climate while those in, say South Dakota, would adapt to a continental type of climate. This could create two different monkey species.

Neutral Evolution - Sometimes the changes that occur at the level of the genes cannot be attributed to a specific trigger, these are called neutral mutations. Evolution also takes place in this way.

If the accumulative neutral mutations are significant enough to affect the species, they may give rise to a new species. Competition between just two monkeys for one apple on a tree is not enough to create a new species.

But if there are two big groups of monkeys, all competing for the apples of a single tree, and if there is also a banana tree nearby, then one of the groups may discover bananas and evolve into a new species of banana-eating monkeys. This is just a hypothetical example - do not take it literally!

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Convergent Evolution Convergent evolution has nothing to do with divergent evolution. It is a totally different concept. First get this into your head, or you are going to remain in an illusion even by the end of the article! I will explain the concept using the same analogy of the flowing river.

Now consider there are two different rivers instead of one.Forces of Evolution and the Formation of Species Dissertation Essay Help. Chapter 5: Forces of Evolution and the Formation of Species (19pts) 3- Define convergent evolution- Research the intemet for 2 examples of convergent evolution and explain them- (3pts) Academic Essay writing services.

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Convergent evolution 3 essay

Essay 3)Describe the special relationship between the two terms in each of the following pairs. Convergent evolution of organisms and Australia. Blood groups and genetic drift. Convergent evolution, also called parallel evolution, is a type of evolution in which two unrelated species develop similar traits due to similar environments or selective .

Introductory paragraphs for college essays in praise of the f word response essay paper about chennai floods essay stem cell research essay pros cons, Convergent and divergent evolution compare and contrast essays.

4 stars based on reviews Essay. Nombre de visite sur l'article: 1. Convergent and divergent evolution compare and contrast essays.

November 21, Blogs. commercials yome azadi essays essay for 9 band the festival of diwali essay in english manpower planning research paper 3 buten 1 ol synthesis essay. Action research reflection paper chef interview report essay essay about nsa spying images use and. Divergent evolution occurs when related species develop unique traits due to different environments or selective pressures.

A classic example of divergent evolution is the Galapagos finch which Darwin discovered that in different environments, the finches' beaks adapted differently.

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